Open Studios 2016

AOS_2016Arran Open Studios 2016 will take place over the weekend of 12-15th August, 2016.

Art, Objects & Poetry

This year Arran Open Studios will be embracing the flourishing Arran Poetry scene in an exciting initiative which ‘twins’ one working poet with one Arran Open Studios artist/maker.

The aim is for the poet to live with and respond poetically to, an art or craft object and that the resulting poems be shown alongside the objects that inspired them.

Both objects and poems will be displayed at a ‘taster’ exhibition, to be held at the Brodick Tourist Office just prior to and during the Open Studios weekend itself (Monday 8th – Monday 15th).

Seven poets are taking part so far. Jason Watts, Lorna Sherry, David Underdown, Cicely Gill, Alison Prince, David Pendlebury and Tim Pomeroy.

You can see a preview of one of the exhibits here.

More of Arran poets’ work can be seen on the Arran poetry website

Open Studios 2016 Programme of Events

Details and locations of every participating artist, and information on the Tourist Office and School exhibitions 2016 can be found here in the programme.

Kids Kwiz

To help keep youngsters interested and engaged as you travel around the studios, this year we are running a simple quiz with ‘fabulous’ prizes for the winners.  You can read more about this here.

Recollections of Past Open Studios

Please enjoy these memories from recent Open Studios events too!

A visual retrospective of part of 2015’s Arran Open Studios, courtesy of Simon Sloan.

Here is a further video from textile artist and first-time participant in 2015,  Fiona Doubleday.

Arran Open Studios is generously supported by the local organisations and businesses listed here. Please consider supporting these businesses if you are visiting Arran.